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Not only do we emphasis the growth of our members but also with our clients. We are very thankful for their support and faith in our services…


Website design is all about access flexibility and art. Selida Interactive has well qualified webpage designers with the professional attitude for complete client satisfaction. We have the latest software with high tech hardware systems to manage the complicated projects.

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The charisma of technology is that it has brought all the power in the palm of your hand. Nowadays, mobile phones could do 80% of a computers work and according to a survey, 70% of the searches are done through a mobile phone and 50% of the online shopping is done through mobile phones.

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A website over the internet, helps you to display all of the company profile to one location. This is only place where the consumer finds and compare his interested profiles for the future interaction without any call, email or referenced. There are millions of websites serving billions of users daily for smooth and rapid trade of commerce.

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Making your website the most popular and demanding takes SEO analysis and appealing front end designs but to make your website sticky and catchy enough to pull the customers attraction, work has to be done on its reading content.

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With all the data and information on your website, Selida Interactive ensures easy access and flow of data for your future use. For this purpose, a team of content managers makes sure that the website is easily maintained for the future use.

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In the today’s world, social media has took over almost all means of information handling. The current social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc. are the crown jewel over the internet social community. For hundreds of your webpage visitors, you need to engage the 1.28billion active users of the Facebook and 271million users of twitter. Which is not a big deal for us.

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Junaid Abbasi


Jamil Baig

Full Stack PHP Developer

Ayesha Nazneen

Wordpress Developer

"We looked at a lot of SEO solutions for website promotion but these guys were our clear favorite. They has the right strategy and they've been awesome to work with to boot."

− Usman Zaffar, CEO & Founder

"Thanks to this amazing SEO company we have a constant flow of new leads. These guys gives us all the tools to convert those leads to customers."

− Tasha, CEO & Founder

"I have been working with Selida Interactive from last two years. We have developed 200+ Websites together with 99.9% customer satisfaction."

− Sulamit Berkovits, Ace Web